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06 maggio 2021

Il primo evento in Italia dedicato alla valorizzazione del capitale umano turistico

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iNano-2020 has been enfolded with many scientific sessions where sharing the knowledge is our aim

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Hospitality Day 2020

Un'intera giornata dedicata al mondo dell'ospitalità organizzata da Teamwork. Tantissimi i relatori e le aziende partner che hanno già confermato la loro presenza a Hospitality Day 2020, Il 13 ottobre 2020 al Palacongressi di Rimini.

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Explore the diversity of international MBA and Master’s programmes online

Are you looking for the best way to grow your career? Do you want to gain international experience and study in a new country? Now is the time to discover a world of MBA and Master’s degree opportunities for you. The Access Online MBA and Masters еvents give you the chance to talk privately with some of the leading business schools and universities from the US, Europe, and Asia – all from the comfort of your home.

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he world of internal medicine will gather on the 6th McMaster International Review Course in Internal Medicine, Kraków, Poland on May 7–9, 2020. The 3-day EBM course features lectures delivered by outstanding experts, from authors of clinical practice guidelines to researchers behind the breakthrough trials that shape the modern standards in medicine. On the first day, May 7, participants will be able to choose from a number of clinical workshops as well as take part in the Best Case Report Contest. On May 8, in parallel to MIRCIM lectures, the EFIM Day will take place. MIRCIM is an affordable course where all generations of medical practitioners meet – from students and young internists to experienced authorities.

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Mentor's Night

"Mentor's Night": serata di orientamento per aiutare i disoccupati a trovare la loro strada

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Traditional Herbal Meet 2020 aims to gather the melange of Academicians and Business professionals featuring Nobel Laureates, world-renowned scientists, researchers, specialists, practitioners, working executives, industry experts, societies & associations members to share and exchange the advancements, approaches, and challenges in their expertise.

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La Black Week sta arrivando: scegli il tuo stage in start-up ed approfitta di un imperdibile sconto!

AIESEC festeggia il Black Friday e ha due sorprese per te. Scegli la tua esperienza imprenditoriale e ottieni uno sconto di 100 euro sulla quota partecipativa!

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